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Equazen South Africa

Equazen Liquid

Equazen Liquid

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Toddlers are full of life and curiosity. As they are growing and developing, so are their brains. During this crucial time of brain development it’s important to ensure they are getting all the essential nutrients—including essential fatty acids (EFA). Adding Equazen to your toddler’s diet provides EFA supplementation that may give them the support they may need to help increase concentration and help improve learning capabilities. Equazen even comes in a toddler-friendly liquid formulation in two tasty flavours, vanilla and citrus, so it’s easy to pick one your child will prefer!

Equazen Liquid contains all the EFA ingredients that have been proven to support children 3+ years and older with learning and behavioural concerns. Equazen Liquid has the same key ingredients as the Equazen range.

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