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Equazen South Africa

Equazen Chews

Equazen Chews

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Is your child’s inquisitive nature starting to blossom? Instead of just physically exploring everything, they are now wondering why things are the way they are. During this stage of their life, it’s important to give their brain the “fuel” it needs to develop. And essential fatty acids (EFA) is a crucial part of this. Adding Equazen provides EFA supplementation that may help provide benefits of increased concentration and improved learning capabilities.

At this point, your child may have also graduated from the Equazen toddler-friendly liquid formulation and/or may now prefer chewable capsules that still eliminate the need for swallowing, and might make them feel a bit more grown up.

Equazen Chews contain all the proven ingredients that the Equazen range provide, all in one tasty strawberry bite-size chew.

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