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Ginsana® has been clinically proven to optimize functioning of the Immune and Respiratory Systems and enhance energy utilization.

The standardised extract of Panax ginseng, G115, (containing the optimal amount of active compounds required to enhance immune system functioning, namely 4mg ginsenosides) contained in Ginsana® ® has been tested for more than 40 years in numerous clinical and preclinical trials.

Ginsana® has been shown to:

  • strengthen immune functioning and response, by stimulating the production immune cell subsets, involved in fighting infective agents and keeping us healthy
  • increase antibodies (white blood cells protective against infective agents)
  • reduce bacterial counts
  • reduce the risk of catching colds and flus threefold
  • reduce the duration and severity of colds and influenza
  • potentiate the effect of the influenza vaccine

Approaching and throughout change of seasons and winter effective hygiene and other preventative measures should be practiced to maintain health, prevent contracting flu; and should you fall sick strengthen your immune defense!

Note: Free mask offer limited to 25 orders on a first come first basis.