Eye Q Capsules 60s

Eye Q Capsules 60s

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Omega 3 supplements can be a great addition to your health and that of your family. Eye q capsules come in pots of 60, 180 capsules (500mg) with a unique formulation of premium omega-3 fish oil and omega-6 evening primrose oil.

Eye q caps is suitable for children aged five years to adult, as a high EPA, tried and tested formulation shown to improve concentration and behaviour.

Consuming omega 3 supplements may help keep your brains healthier for longer, according to research. Read our interview with Dr. Eduardo Barragán, Pediatric Neurologist at the Hospital Infantil de México.

Eye q caps boasts one of the highest qualities of ingredients and is produced to stringent EU and World Health Organisation guidelines. View Our Product Certificates.

Ingredients in eye q capsules

  • Hi-EPA fish oil
  • Capsule shell (gelatine, glycerol, purified water)
  • Evening Primrose Oil
  • Natural Vitamin E (as D-alpha tocopherol, from IP soya)